A complete list of my publications can be found on NASA ADS

Peer-reviewed publications

Tzanidakis, A.; Davenport, R. A. J. et al. Discovery of the Deepest and Longest Known Giant Eclipsing Star (in-prep; 2022)

Tzanidakis, A.; De, K.; Kasliwal, M. et al. Zwicky Transient Facility CLU II: Luminosity Function of Type II Supernovae. Submitting to A&A (in-prep; 2022)

Perley, D, A.; Sollerman, J.; Schulze, S. et al. (including Tzanidakis A.). The Type Icn SN 2021csp: Implications for the Origins of the Fastest Supernovae and the Fates of Wolf-Rayet Stars. Submitted to ApJ, 2022 arXiv: 2111.12110

Irani, I.; Prentice, S. J; Schulze, S. et al. (including Tzanidakis A.). Less Than 1% of Core-collapse Supernovae in the Local Universe Occur in Elliptical Galaxies. ApJ, 927, 2022 arXiv: 2110.02252

Tsaprazi, E.; Jasche, J.; Goobar, A. et al. (including Tzanidakis A.). The large-scale environment of thermonuclear and core-collapse supernovae. MNRAS, 510, 2022 arXiv: 2109.02651

Karambelkar, R. V.; Kasliwal, M.; Maguire K. et al. (including Tzanidakis A.) Faintest of Them All: ZTF 21aaoryiz/SN 2021fcg-Discovery of an Extremely Low Luminosity Type Iax Supernova. ApJ, 921, 2021 arXiv: 2110.04306

Sollerman, J.; Yang, S.; Schulze, S. et al. (including Tzanidakis A.). The Type II supernova SN 2020jfo in M 61, implications for progenitor system, and explosion dynamics. AAP, 655, 2021 Caltech Library: 2107.14503

De, K.; Kasliwal, M.; Hankins, J. M. et al. (including Tzanidakis A.) A population of heavily reddened,optically missed novae from Palomar Gattini-IR: Constraints on the Galactic nova rate. ApJ, 912, 2021 arXiv:2101.04045

Strotjohann, N. L.; Ofek, E. O.; Gal-Yam, A. et al. (including Tzanidakis A.). Bright, Months-long Stellar Outbursts Announce the Explosion of Interaction-powered Supernovae. ApJ, 907, 2021 arXiv: 2010.11196

Perley, D. A.; Fremling C.; Sollerman J. et al. (including Tzanidakis A.) The Zwicky Transient Facility Bright Transient Survey II. A Public Statistical Sample for Exploring Supernova Demographics. ApJ, 904, 2020 arXiv:2009.01242

Andreoni, I.; Kool, C. E.; Carracedo, S. A. et al. (including Tzanidakis A.). Constraining the KilonovaRate with Zwicky Transient Facility Searches Independent of Gravitational Wave and Short GRB Triggers. ApJ, 905, 2020 arXiv:008.00008

Kasliwal, M.; Anand, S.; Ahumada, T. et al. (including Tzanidakis, A.). Kilonova Luminosity Function Constraints based on Zwicky Transient Facility Searches for 13 Neutron Star Mergers. ApJ, 905, 2020 arXiv:2006.11306

De, K.; Kasliwal, M.; Tzanidakis, A. et al. The Zwicky Transient Facility Census of the Local Universe I: Systematic search for Calcium rich gap transients reveal three related spectroscopic sub-classes. ApJ, 905, 2020 arXiv:2004.09029

Andreoni, I.; Goldstein, D.; Kasliwal, M., et al. (including Tzanidakis, A.).GROWTH on S190814bv: Deep Synoptic Limits on the Optical/Near-Infrared Counterpart to a Neutron Star-Black Hole Merger. ApJ, 890, 2020 arXiv:1910.13409

Laporte, F. P. C.; Johnston, K. V.; Tzanidakis, A. Stellar Disk Streams as Probes of the GalacticPotential and Satellite Impacts. MNRAS, 482, 2018 arXiv:1803.11198

Sheffield A. A.; Price-Whelan, A. M., Tzanidakis, A.; Johnston, K. V. et al. A Disk Origin for the Monoceros Ring and A13 Stellar Overdensities. ApJ, 854, 2018 arXiv:1801.01171


Roberson, M. S.; Fremling, C; Kasliwal, M. (Tzanidakis A., beta feedback and evaluation). DBSP_DRP: A Python package for automated spectroscopic data reduction of DBSP data. JOSS, 2021 joss: 03612

Cardoso, J. V.,; Barentsen, G., Hedges, C. et al. (including Tzanidakis, A.) Lightkurve: Kepler and TESS Time Series Analysis in Python. Astrophysics Source Code Library, 2018 ascl: 1812.013

Undergraduate Research

Tzanidakis, A.; Johnston, K.V.; Sheffield A. A., and Price-Whelan, A. M., Mapping Galactic Oscillations with M Giants in Gaia DR2. Columbia University, 2019 (B.A senior thesis)

Tzanidakis, A. and Ratcliffe, B. Investigating the Age, Metallicity and Actions of RGB and MS Stars with the GALAH Survey. Midterm research project for Modern Stellar Astrophysics course, instructed by Professor Melissa Ness. Columbia University, New York.

Tzanidakis, A. Data Driven Calculations for Wave Energy Harvesting in Long Island, New York. Midterm research project in Classical Waves Physics course. Columbia University, New York.

Construction and Set-up of Low-Budget Radio Telescope at Rutherford Observatory, Columbia University, New York. Observational Astrophysics (ASTR C3646).